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Promising disease product candidates for difficult to treat diseases

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ANV221 - Targeting the Cancer Glycobiome 
(Not yet FDA/EU approved - for clinical awareness, research, and investor purposes only)

*Oncotarget. 2016; 7:35478-35489.

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Several solid tumor cancers have been found to upregulate N-glycosylation to fuel one or more of their hallmark behaviors.  ANV221 is a novel drug candidate that interrupts this cycle in vivo models leading to:   

  • Disruption of chronic proliferation signaling

  • Activation of evolutionary conserved apoptosis (cell suicide) pathways

  • Suppressing cell invasiveness, migration and metastasis

  • Reversing stem like transformations, thus enhancing tumor vulnerability to other cytotoxic therapies

  • Low observed toxicity

ANV221 was awarded Orphan Drug Designation for the treatment of Pancreatic Cancer by the FDA. 

"PDAC xenograft tumors were disappeared in two weeks."
- Michio Kurosu, PhD University of Tennessee Health Science Center 
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