Synergistic orphan disease product candidates that bridge the treatment gap

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ANV221 - A Pre-clinical Research Stage Drug 
(Not yet FDA/EU approved - for clinical awareness, research, and investor purposes only)

A novel product candidate that eliminated pancreatic cancer tumors and their metastases in mouse models

“…(Aberrant) glycosylation enables acquisition of all 10 currently accepted hallmarks of cancer” – Institute of Genetic Medicine (2016)*

Dysfunctional glycosylation leads to vicious cycle…

  • Protein misfolding

  • Genetic instability, evolving mutations

  • Multiple vulnerability pathways that cancers exploit.

  • Pathways include proliferative signaling, invasion, metastasis, apoptosis resistance, and angiogenesis

Anviron is developing revolutionary & novel small molecules that target and disrupts the first step in glycosylation, leading to:   

  • Disruption of chronic proliferation signaling

  • Disruption of anti-apoptosis signaling

  • Deactivating cell invasiveness, migration and metastasis

            With low observed toxicity*


Novel finding: Our product candidate promoted cancer cell differentiation to mature phenotypes more vulnerable to other cytotoxic therapies.

"All tumors were significantly reduced in two weeks." - Michio Kurosu, PhD University of Tennessee Health Science Center 

*Oncotarget. 2016; 7:35478-35489. https://doi.org/10.18632/oncotarget.8155